TBSP125: November House Mix by Discussor

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Представляем новый выпуск TBSP от Discussor, полностью посвященный стилю House. Приятного прослушивания!

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[House Section]

  1. Prince Paris — Speak You Mind Ft. Wilder (Extended Mix) [Physical Presents]
  2. Diskret — Limba (Alessandro Giannelli Remix) [Quiet Love Records]
  3. Control Room — Tenacity (Original Mix) [Empire Records]
  4. Ft. Hanne Mjoen (Felix Cartals After Hours Extended Mix) [Physical Presents]
  5. Jordi Cabrera x Neil Chin — Did You (Original Mix) [Bassment Tapes Records]
  6. Jacob Colon — Groovin [Made 2 Move]
  7. TELLY SAVALAS  — Equality (Club mix) [True House LA]
  8. Antonator — Shadows (Extended mix) [Anto Recordings]
  9. Aaron North — We Got Everything [MOM Records]
  10. Hasan Ghazi — Black Hole [Reckoning Records]
  11. Bo Johnson feat. Snoop Dogg — Dogs 4ever [BJ Music]
  12. Arnau Ariza — Disco Night [Techno Die Recordings]
  13. Follow Me (CH) — Muchacho (Original Mix) [Groove People Records]
  14. Glamour Hammer — Sereia da Selva (Joos (CH) Remix) [Icons Creating Evil Art]
  15. Hyenaa — Gum [Reckoning Records]
  16. Tom Walton — Get Over You [MOM Records]
  17. Tovi Sound System — Lifetime (Original Mix) [Bassment Tapes Records]
  18. Cynical — Proper Vibe (Original Mix) [B-Nasty Beats]
  19. Only Fusion — Just A Feeling (Original Mix) [Suicide Robot]
  20. Titus1 — Mine (Original Mix) [sogood Music]
  21. Romain Pelletti & Jay Sebag — All By Myself [Super Circus]
  22. Haze (UK) — We Rise [MOM Records]
  23. Dj Kepi — Shake Your Ass [Radda Records]
  24. Mio (UK) — Lift Me Up [MOM Records]
  25. bloc-chain — DEATH TO ALL DROIDS [One Love]
  26. Linzy Creber — Run Away (Original Mix) [Listeners Room Records]
  27. Louie Gomez — Strong Root (Vocal Mix) [Bassment Tapes Records]
  28. Nathan Paul x Mio (UK) ft Teddy May — 4U [MOM Records]
  29. James Hersey — Closer feat. Chromeo [Glassnote Music]
  30. Neon Letters — Enough (Alterlift Remix) [Aapeerik Music]
  31. Hasan Ghazi — Lose Control (Original Mix) [Redwave Recordings]
  32. Jack Trades x Heather Janssen — On My Mind (Extended Mix) [Physical Presents]
  33. Alex x Ajna — Synchronised (Original Mix) [Reckoning Records]
  34. Orce Jordanov — Talk To Me (Original Mix) [Kontinental Records]
  35. SUBNR  — Spooky [Dirty Retro Records]
  36. Dappa D (UK) — Dancing [MOM Records]
  37. Meta — Conga (Original Mix) [B-Nasty Beats]
  38. MFX2 — Meteor Man (Remix 2k21) [Audio Recordings]
  39. Drist — The Only (Extended) [White Label]
  40. Roman Reiss — Forget The Past [True House LA]
  41. Jesse Rivera — Your Touch [Bassment Tapes Records]
  42. Martin Valencia — Percution [Techno Die Recordings]
  43. Arnau Ariza — Owner Of Dance [Ariza Records]
  44. KPD — In London [Brook Gee Records]
  45. Nathan Paul — Tier 7 [MOM Records]
  46. Peter Klank — Jardouse [Soundteller]
  47. Slater Hogan & John Larner- What You’re Doin’ To Me [Turtle Wax Recordings]
  48. Glamour Hammer — Jungle Of Love (Final Djs Remix) [Icons Creating Evil Art]
  49. Nathan Paul — Cafe Smoke (Club Mix) [White Label]
  50. Krist Van D — Run Away (Extended Mix) [Blanco y Negro Music]
  51. Shaun Frank feat. Prinze George — Together (Extended Mix) [Physical Presents]
  52. Hasan Ghazi — The Sirens Lullaby [Reckoning Records]

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